We help you create seamless change.

STARTConsulting provides proven solutions for business transformation.

Effective change management means putting people first

Changes in the workplace can be difficult to navigate – both for staff as well as leaders. Based on strong people strategies, that are aligned with your business objectives, we deliver proven solutions to provide effective change management.

We are here to help you build your business based on strong people strategies, that are aligned with your business objectives. We provide effective change management putting people at the centre of change delivery.

We are inclusive and collaborative

A key principle to our success is our inclusive and collaborative leadership style, ability to anticipate challenges and facilitate solutions across the domains of organisational culture, systems, processes and capabilities.

Being detail focussed we can keep multiple of your projects on track to ensure project success.

“She was invaluable to "our team here...”

“Attention to detail and commitment proved invaluable to the team, budgeting and assistance to the relevant key stakeholders.”


“The ability to communicate clearly, lead the team and ultimately deliver the expected project outcomes ensures success.”

“Delivered expected project outcomes successfully"

We bring a wealth of experience

STARTConsulting provides services in Change Management, People Strategies, Coaching for Performance, Business Analysis and Project Management.

With our expertise in Change Management, People Strategies and Project Management we provide a superior experience and tremendous value for our clients.

STARTConsulting is able to scale its resources at any given time, while still providing the boutique experience of customer service.